As a wholesale export company, our primary objective is crystal clear: to cultivate a planet that thrives, free from the scourge of plastic, while simultaneously ensuring prosperity for ourselves, our buyers, and our precious Mother Nature. We believe in the power of this triple-win scenario, where everyone benefits – us, our valued buyers, and the environment we all share.

  • We offer small wholesale quantities too, price gets lower with the quantity

  • We can do any custom order with your desired design

  • We can ship anywhere in the world.

  • Custom branding on the products possible with natural methods

  • Custom Packaging available (NEW)

About Style's Bug Coco shell products,
  • All our products are Naturally polished with sand papers. No any artificial colors used.

  • You can ask for any customisation. (Color/size/shape/etc..)

  • 100% Made from coconut shells

  • Saucer is also made from a coconut shell with a special natural expanding method

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